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Apr 6, 2020 · (G)I-DLE - Oh my god (English Translation) Lyrics: With my sight covered under the dazzling sky / I'm in your embrace / With my spirit stolen by the seductive music / Hypnotized and captivated. As soon as the guns sound my heart will throb.
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    You always say you’ll try, you always say you’ll be good.

  • 18 hours ago · In the backseat of the bus, she whispered in my ear, "if it's with you, being sex friends sounds like the most fun" yeah.
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    Then he said that he liked me.

  • But I don’t believe you anymore, no no.
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    A gospel pop song with influences of R&B and a dance-pop chorus, it has lyrics about.

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    To be with you, to hold your hand.

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    Oh my god - English Version.