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Some types of vaginal cream are prescribed to treat an. .
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  • Monistat is messy to use and although it is commonly used by women, the active ingredient in Monistat is also safe for dogs.
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    In addition, an allergic reaction to Vagisil may occur if you accidentally put Vagisil inside.

  • It is meant to go in your vagina.
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    Other, less common side effects include itching or redness, hives, and stinging.

  • Mar 16, 2023 · The common side effects of Vagisil include local skin irritation, skin peeling or local swelling.
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    Vagisil has a line of intimate washes specifically for the labia that are formulated with no ingredients to.

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  • Cleansing and Freshness.
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    Can I put vagisil inside? Good rule of thumb: if you won’t put it in/on your mouth, DON’T put it in/on your vagina! Vagisil has a place, if you are out of town or away from civilization.

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    Vaginal creams are medications that are inserted into the vagina using a provided application device.

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    Monistat may cause a mild increase of vaginal burning, itching, and irritation when used, even without a yeast infection.