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Feb 1, 2018 · Here, we used the genomes of Sporisorium reilianum f. A prerequisite for this technology to be effective is a streptomycin-resistant strain.
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  • A likelihood ratio test (LRT) is performed to compare a null model that does not allow for any codons with ω > 1 against a more general model that does.
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    The phylogenetic analysis based on the WLP and FDH genes showed that the evolutionary pattern of genes encoding FDH was significantly different from that of the other enzymes.

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  • MacConkey agar for Gram-negative bacteria.
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  • Positive selection of CD8 T cells in the thymus is thought to be a multistep process lasting 3–4 d; however, the discrete steps involved are poorly understood.
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    An additional selection step, where colonies from sucrose plates were transferred into fresh sucrose as well as selective agar plates (containing.

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    Remove the positive selection marker.